To use the Minereum V2 Platform. Please install Metamask or Trust Wallet

If your addresses are not on Metamask or Trust Wallet you can import them there.

Note: Metamask for Mobile is still under development and it's not reliable. The only realiable version is Metamask for PC. For mobile we recommend Trust Wallet.

For best performance use Metamask for PC.

Create ERC20 Token

To Generate your Token, follow these steps:

👉 1. In the Token Creation Service Page, on the section Create ERC-20 Token click on Create Token

👉 2. You will need to have a MNE balance >= the displayed fee in order to work

👉 3. Make sure your address is NOT a Genesis Address, if it is use another address

👉 4. If you don't have Minereum (MNE) to cover the fees, you can buy on the exchange under the symbols MNE/BTC or MNE/ETH, a guide can be found here: MNE can also be acquired on the MNE DEX, more info here:

👉 5. The Address you send the transaction from will be the only address that will be able to configure the Token, make sure you have control over it

👉 6. If you don't own an Ethereum wallet we recommend you use Metamask (for PC) and Trust Wallet (for Mobile).

👉 7. When the Transaction is executed you will see your new Token Contract Address on the area "Your ERC-20 Tokens" on the Token Creation Service Page

👉 8. After this, you are in full control of your Token. The Next steps are how to set up your token.

👉 9. To setup your token go to[YourTokenAddress]#writeContract and click on "Connect to Web3", connect using your web 3 browser with the same account you used to create the token.

👉 10. After you are able to connect, scroll down and call the function "SetupToken" and set your Token Name, Token Symbol and Supply


- Only the Address that submitted the Minereum Transaction will be able to use this function

- This function can only be used once, so make sure the parameters you enter are correct

- In the field "tokenName" insert the desired name for your Token, example: My Token

- In the field "tokenSymbol" insert the desired symbol for your Token, example: XYZ

- In the field "tokenSupply" insert the desired Supply for your Token, example: 1000000

- The Total Supply will be attributed to the Address that submitted the Minereum Transaction

- The Supply decimals conversion is done automatically by the code so you just need to type type the supply you wish (For example, 1 Million = 1000000)

👉 11. Click the Write button and wait for the transaction to confirm.

Your Token Info will be:

- Token Address: [YourTokenAddress]

- Token Symbol: [YourTokenSymbol] (The one used in the setup)

- Token Decimals: 18

The Token Source Code and ABI should be automatically verified on and can be visible here:[YourTokenAddress]#code